DOWNLOAD the editor (zipped file)

The editor program is freeware.
We could not give any support for the program.

Only available for Win PC 

!! It is very important to select the correct pocketDevice in the Settings Menu

What is new:


by Paul Goergen


The Editor handles 128 Presets just as the PocketControl does.

The context Menu (right click) gives you additional functions:


New features:


For MAC-Users:

It seems, that the editor is also running on a PC emulation like 'Virtual PC'.

We've tested this on that configuration:

Virtual PC version 2.1.3D
Mac Os 8.6

Thanks to Philipp Hirtler for this information.

We're not 100% shure at the moment, if the the midi-interface of the emulation  will work, but the rest of the editor seems to work very well.
So you could edit and store the presets in any case. 
Because the editor stores the presets in Midi-Standartfile-format, you could nevertheless send the datas to the pocketC with your MAC-midi-File-player, if the midi-interface from the emulation really will not work.

Screen hardcopy of the editor (the old version)

Release 1.9
As some users have changed the Thru settings by error, a warning message has been added.
It is now also possible to read the actual pocketC configuration. For this to work the correct 
MidiIn and MidiOut devices must have been selected.
If MidiIn and MidiOut devices have been set corectly, the pocketC configuration will be read 
on Program start.

Release 1.8

In the settings menu it is possible now to set the master channel of the pocketC 
and to configure the pocketC thru modes.
During the fixes of release 1.7 I overlooked some event types.
There was a small bug with selection in some windows.

Release 1.7

It was not possible to set the FixedPar for certain event types (e.g. RPN127_MSB,RPN127_LSB,...)
this has been fixed.
It was possible to select a midi channel for certain event types (e.g. XG Effect,XG EQ,...)
this has been fixed.

Release 1.5

There might be functions you did not expect. 

NEW in this release: