MCV24 MIDI-to-CV/Gate/Sync Interface

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MCV24 front panel

MCV24 front view

MCV24 rear view

Price: Euro 498.00 (i.e. about US$ 450.00)

MCV24 is a professional Midi-to-CV and Midi-to-Sync interface to control analog synthesizers, drum computers, sequencers or bass lines equipped with suitable control inputs (CV, Gate, Sync, Clock, Start/Stop, Reset). MCV24 is provided with 24 analog outputs. Each output can be used as a real analog voltage output or as a Gate/Trigger output with definable Gate/Trigger voltage and polarity. On top of that there is a Sync socket (Roland compatible), a Clock output and a Start/Stop output available controlled by the MIDI real time events Clock/Start/Stop/Continue. All outputs are realized as 3.5 mm miniature jack sockets at the front panel except the 5-pin Sync socket which is located at the rear panel as well as MIDI-In, MIDI-Thru and the 230/115V power inlet.

MCV24 is equipped with 4 high resolution outputs CV1...4 (12 bit digital-analog-converters/DACs) and 20 low resolution outputs CV5...24 (8 Bit DACs). The voltage range for both output types is 0...+10V. CV1...4 are intended for pitch control of VCOs with 1V/Octave where high resolution is required (12 bit is equivalent to a resolution of 1/32 semitone). The voltage offsets and scales of CV1...4 are adjusted via software. No trimming potentiometers are required.

CV5...24 are intended for other controlling tasks like filter frequency, filter resonance, loudness/ volume, modulation depth and other parameters or for Gate/Trigger applications. If used for VCO pitch the resolution of CV5...24 is only half a semitone so that jobs like glide/portamento or LFO modulations are not possible due to the rough resolution. The scale of CV5...12 is adjustable with trimming potentiometers (normally required only for VCO pitch applications).
The 24 voltage outputs and the 2 outputs for Clock and Start/Stop are located at the front panel to simplify the patching between MCV24 and synthesizers, especially analog modular synthesizers like the Doepfer A-100.

The 24 outputs can be assigned to different tasks so that an optimal matching between MIDI and analog equipment is achieved. MCV24 contains a virtual MIDI control matrix so that any MIDI event on any Midi- channel- like note on/off, velocity, controller, pitch-bend, after-touch, program-change may control any of the 24 outputs. In addition software-generated functions like modulation generators with different waveforms (LFO's, synchronized with MIDI-Clock if desired), portamento/glide (controlled via MIDI if desired) or envelope-generators (ADSR) are available. These functions can be used in the control matrix to generate more complex signals appearing at the outputs. When used for pitch control different monophonic or polyphonic assignment rules are available (like last note, highest note, lowest note, rotating, non rotating).

Complete settings of the MCV24 can be stored in 16 memories.

MCV24 operation is performed by 3 rotary encoders with momentary button function and a backlight liquid crystal display with 2 lines of 16 characters each. Operating software uses menu structure with full text feature. MCV24 is build into a light grey 19" case with one height unit optically similiar to A-100, MAQ16/3, SCHALTWERK, REGELWERK and MS-404. MCV24 has a built in power supply for 230 or 115 V AC (please give a notice if you need the 230 or 115 V version when ordering the unit as the voltage selection cannot be done by the user).

The MCV24 is available with German or English manual. Please specify in your order if you need the German or English manual and the 230V or 115V version of the MCV24 as the built in power supply has to be adjusted correspondingly.

If you want to inform you much better, than please look on the english manual ( PDF format ). The magazine Sound-On-Sound has published a MCV24 report: