MS-404 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer
(sorry - the MS-404 is sold out and will be manufactured no longer)

MS-404 MS-404 high resolution

MS-404 is a MIDI-controlled monophonic analog synthesizer. It takes account into the actual trend of analog sound synthesis combined with the immediate access to all sound parameters. The MS-404 is a serious alternative to the high-cost second hand vintage synthesizers.

The sound generating section of the MS-404 is 100% analog (VCO, Noise, VCF, VCA, ADSR, 2 LFO's). Even the envelope and the LFO's are pure analog and not simulated by software. The immediate access to all sound parameters is realised by 15 knobs and 6 switches. The external audio input enables the subsequent sound modeling of other sound sources like samplers, digital synthesizers or expanders.

On top of that the MS-404 works as a monophonic MIDI-to-CV interface to control another analog synthesizer. The MS-404 is capable of controlling VCF frequency and VCA envelope amount (accent) via MIDI.

MS-404 Features

- - real VCO (no DCO)
- - switchable between sawtooth / off / rectangle (pulse)
- - pulsewidth of rectangle adjustable, pulsewidth modulation with LFO1
- - glide time adjustable, glide on/off via MIDI-Controller #65 (Portamento)
- - frequency modulation with LFO1, even in audio range for producing typical FM sounds
- - white noise as alternative sound source (switcheable instead of VCO)
- - 24dB resonance filter (low pass), resonance/emphasis adjustable up to self oscillation
- - frequency may be controlled via any MIDI controller and/or MIDI velocity
- - frequency modulation with LFO2, even in audio range for metallic/FM sounds
- - keyboard tracking switchable off/half/full
(continued on following page)
- - envelope amount (accent) controllable via MIDI volume (ctr.#7) and/or velocity
- - effect of accent adjustable (accent knob)
- Envelope
- - full ADSR type (Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release)
- LFO1 and LFO2
- - 3 frequency ranges from sub-LFO (some minutes oscillation period) up to audio (max. 5kHz)
- - waveform triangle
- - frequency and level adjustable
- - LFO1: to VCO frequency or VCO pulsewidth modulation switchable
- - LFO2: VCF frequency
- External Audio Input
- - level adjustable
- - alternative sound source instead of VCO or Noise
- MIDI-CV Interface (internal):
- - MIDI channel and transpose (reference note) selectable via learn button
- - retrigger on/off (new trigger if playing legato)
- - controlling of glide on/off via Controller #65
- - controlling of VCF frequency via any Controller and/or Velocity
- - controlling of VCA envelope amount via Controller #7 and/or velocity
- - two 1/4" jack sockets for CV und Gate Output (may be changed to CV/Gate Input when changing jumpers inside by authorized dealers)
- light grey 19" housing, 1 unit
- versions for mains input 220...240V AC or 110...120V AC available (please order the right type)
- User`s guide in German or English language
- Technical manual available for customers upon request (schematics, pcb components), comments only in German language available, schematics are international
- Reports in German Magazines: KEYS 12/94, KEYBOARDS 5/95, SOUND CHECK 3/95, FACHBLATT 3/95

For more details you may look at the User's Manual. Even the MS404 service manual (only in German language) is available. One of the MS-404 users made available a blank chart (pdf file) in which you can write down your best MS-404 sound settings. For download of the pdf file click to this link: MS404blank.pdf.

MS-404 Sketch

Price: 598.- DM (= 305.75 Euro, i.e. about 300.- US$), available as long as quantities last -> sorry the MS-404 is sold out