Regelwerk Editor V2.40 (19 Oct.2000)

The editor program is freeware.
We could not give any support for the program.

Download the editor V2.4 (ca. 725 Kbyte)

The Help-file in Windows CHM-Format is not totally complete yet.
So we've decided to separate this file from the program. So we can update the Help-File separate from the main program and you hadn't to download both, if one part of the package is updated.

Download last version of the Help-File 19 Oct. 2000 (ca. 1,4 MByte)

Here are just some features of the Regelwerk Editor v2 for the PC

* In fact the Editor creates a virtual Regelwerk, giving you the possibility to create, edit, save and test your Presets on the PC .
At any time it is possible to exchange Presets and Patterns with the real Regelwerk

Most Fader and Buttons work in the same way than the real Regelwerk with some additional features.

*Fader and Key Parameters can be edited (and tested) and multiple Faders can be edited together.
It is also possible to use copy, paste and drag and drop to copy Faders or Button settings.

Most Parameters can be edited compfortably :
using e.g. a table for controllers:

or a piano for notes:

* It is possible to give Names to Fader and Buttons, and the Editor gives you the possibility to create a strip with those names that fits exactly on the real Regelwerk

* Patterns can also be managed and edited with the Editor using several Editors
Here is the graphical event Editor that gives you a representation af the midi data created by the Pattern

The Drumkit used here is a GM Drumkit, but custom Drumkits can be created easily.

* There are a lot of other features:
    - the PC Editor gives you some additional possibilities for Patterns that are not available directly on the Regelwerk:
       e,g,;    Tracks can be used to send Midi Controller data (or Pitch Bend, Program Change or Aftertouch)
                  It is possible to set different  runmodes for tracks.
    - import of pocketC Presets
    - load and save standard Midi.files, so any Sequencer handling Sysex messages can be used to send Presets to the Regelwerk
    - a Midi Monitor
    - notes for Presets and Patterns
    - printing of Preset Parameters
    - ...