Different use of the USB connector in normale operation and update mode 

To connect your DarkTime to your computer over USB and establish a midi device over USB there is no need to install any additional drivers (  please look for details in the section.

Special you didn't need to install any of the later described files  MCHPUSB Driver\mchpusb.sys or \files\MCHPUSB Driver\mchpusb.inf.
You only need to install this drivers, if you want to make a firmware update.

You only need to install the drivers for the update  (MCHPUSB Driver\mchpusb.sys or \files\MCHPUSB Driver\mchpusb.inf.) only one time on every computer. On first install the computer makes a copy of these files. So if you connect your DarkTime for update the next time the computer will recognize the device automatically. If you use another usb port than on installation time the computer will install the needed files a second time without any help of you.

But this all has nothing to to with the normal oparations mode midi over USB.
These are two total separated operation modes  of the USB  connector !  

For additional informations please contact  software@doepfer.de

Last Change  09.July.2011