DarkTime Manual Adds

Nearly all on this page is outdated/obsolete with the currecnt firmware V1.2.

So this is only for historical reasons and if you have an older firmware as V1.2 / to remark this.

Unable to adjust Midichannels

According to the manual page 17        

 "change the setting of the MIDI channel for the upper step register, – press and hold the ”Function” and ”Start/Stop” keys simultaneously. – Select the desired MIDI channel by turning the Clock control. The  number of step LEDs lit up   will indicate the channel-number (1 - > 16)."

This seems not to work many times, when you do this and turn the clock knob all the way @ anticlockwise the first two LED's light up.
Your unable to have just the first LED light on. When you turn the clock knob the furtheest it will go clock wise only 14 LED's light up.
This means you can't choose channel 1, 15,16 ... ????

The Truth is, you're then not in the channel adjust mode, but in the 'clock-divide' mode - page 13, which you will recognize, when the tempo changes, instead of the midi channel :-) 

So the description here is not exactly what you should do.
You better should not try to press both buttons simultanous, but better one after another .... :

  1. Press function button
  2. Don't release function button
  3. Then press in addition Start/Stop  - for channel row 1 or Reset   for channel row 2
  4. Adjust the  value with 'Clock control'
  5. And last - if you're ready - release both buttons - then the channel value will be stored in the DT  non-volatile.

We will think about to better this either in the manual or in the DT the next update ;-)

Sequencer stops when changing link mode or direction  

Fixed in V1.0

Because the change of the link mode and the direction could not be synchronized in many situations, you should use this feature only with care, because there's a good change that you'll run out of sync under certain conditions.
We'll improve this feature in the next versions.

According to chapter 3.1.5 page 15 n my printed manual it says:
"Switching between standard-mode (same gate-length on all steps) and custom-mode (individual gate-length for steps 1-8) while the sequencer is running, can be an interesting way to achieve a rhythmic variation of the pattern by just hitting one control element. Check it out." 
But this section is cut out from your web version of the manual.

This feature was planned for the first release, but could not be finished because of it's complexity within the current develope schedule.
So we decided to lock it, till it will work perfectly.
Unfortunately several manuals were printed before ..... The latest manual / info are always on our web sites.

Because this is a cool function that, when it works, could lift the overall functionality of the sequencer a lot, we'll keep it in mind.
But at the moment the focus is more on some other functionalities, we want to make perfect.)

No Midiclock, when in external sync mode and clocked from 'Clk In'

In external sync mode, when connect an external clock signal ( f.e. a LFO) to input of "clock In" of Dark Time to make the Dark Time run synchronizing with the external clock ( f.e. LFO), it runs OK but there's not found any Midi clock out from its Midi output jack.
The manual (p20) says it is possible though.

This is only a planned feature for the future, which was already include by mistake in the current manual.

At the moment, please delete the paragrap on page 20.

English manual:
"It can also be done the other way round: when Dark Time receives an analog clock .....
can use this to synchronize a MIDI device (slave) to an analog clock"
German manual:
"Der umgekehrte Weg ist ebenso möglich: Empfängt Dark Time ein analoges Clock Signal ...
Sie wiederum verwenden können, um ein MIDI-Gerät zum Clock-Signal des Masters zu synchronisieren."

No function of Clock/Divide and Pulsewidth/Shuffle in external sync mode

Clock and Divide control as well as Pulsewidth and Shuffle control has no effect when in external sync mode and the moment.
( Planned for a future update.)

No midi realtime (start,stop, cont, clock) events on USB Midi out

Fixed in V1.0

(Also in the latest version  ( V0.72) there're no midi realtime (start,stop, cont, clock) events on USB Midi out , though they're send on the 'normal' Midi Out.
This will be supplemented in the next version.

'Divide' also available in Sync - Midi/USB Mode

Manual Page 20    'Divide is only available in internal mode ..'

That’s not correct !

Should be :  ‘Divide only available in internal or Midi/USB Mode mode  '
Or better
                   '‘Divide is not available in Sync External Mode. '


Last Change  22. Dez. 2015