DarkTime  Troubleshooting

Most things on this page is outdated/obsolete with the current firmware V1.2.

So this is only for historical reasons / informations.

Clk Out  in Midi/USB mode did not work correctly with all connected devices

Fixed in V1.0

Though the clock count of the Clk Out signal seems to be o.k.  (24 Pulses p/q notes)
some of the pulses are to small to be recognized correctly by some external devices.
(will be enhanced in one of the next updates)

Stepping in 1-16 mode did not work 100% as it should

Fixed in V1.0

When manually stepping through the sequence when step from 8 to 9,  the led for 9 flashes once, then it automatically skips to step 10.
The same occurs when manually stepping from 16 to 1.
The unit operates correctly in 2x(1-8) mode.
Yes, this is a know fault, which is caused by the fact, that the DarkTime has no ‘real’ 1-16 mode, but this is made by ‘glueing’ the two 1-8 modes together.
This results in some not foreseen sideeffects.
The 1-16 mode will be totally overworked in one of the next updates.

Loosing the syncronisation

Fixed in V1.0

DT will loose syncronisation in all situations and Sync modes ( internal, external, MidiUSB) in all directions (up/down/random) , Transpose ( every mode), Range (every mode) Quantize (every mode), under the following conditions:

If you're in 1-16 mode  ( the bug occurs exclusively in 1-16 mode )   and you skip  ALL steps  of one row  ....  ( for e.a . the Step 1-8 are all skipped, 9-16 are in every condition you want).

This also happens, if you only have this condition during a  short moment,during you change the Skip positions in realtime.

Workaround is to use  2x(1-8) mode.
It's identical, if you anyway skip a whole row ;-)

1-16  Mode  not the same functionality as the  1-8 Mode

As you use the 1-16 mode you will find / fell that in some situations it did not follow all the rules that are explained for the 1-8 in the manual.

F.e. you cannot make a ‘Jump’ over the two rows.
The 1-16 mode is in truth a chain  of 1-8 and 9 - 16 and 1-8 and so on ....
It should better called ’1-8+9-16’ , but there wasn’t enough space on the cover of the DarkTime, so we have to call it  ‘1-16’.
This is normally a analog sequ.  or a groove box work, to get longer sequ. from chaining shorter  ‘bars’.
Also this gives you more possibilities ...  when you can adjust parameters for each 8- step ‘bar’ segment.

Last Change 03. Nov. 2011