DarkTime  Versions



To get the current firmware version, which you need for the update, please contact


for this.

Important: We need the following informations for that.

- Serial number of the device (normally there is a label with a numer on the bottom side of the darktime)
- Where (dealer) and when(date) did you get/bought the device ?
- From which country you are.

If your device is from 2016 or later (serial number starts with 16xxxxx or higher) then your device is uptodate and didn't need any update.

As this is no automated script you will only get  response/update files, if we're in the company.

- So f.e. not on the weekend, holidays or if the company is closed - for this have a look on our main website/news.

- Also if the responsible employee is at preset no available  ( illness, holidays).

Hope for your understanding.

!!!!! After the update please use the  'Reset/Default parameters' function.

see  -  Manual page 29 - 3.6.2 Reset DarkTime
siehe - Seite  29  3.6.1 Reset

Otherwise the firmware maybe seems in some situations different/weird from what you expect  !!!!!!
Also this is a good starting point from, if you something feel lost and your device didn't work as it should/you want it to !!!!

Known bugs/issues:
-  In Combi Mode CV2/Gate2 has sometimes no function (special Combi velocity CV2 is not velocity) -> V1.3
-  Englisch manual needs some logical corrections :
Page 12 - Please note: the scale function only affects the Midi note output - not the CV output...
This is incorrect - it affects both. But CV only in Halftone steps/grid.

Preliminary manual
Maybe you're interested to have a view in the preliminary manual of the current firmware.
It's more detailed in some aspects that the normal/final manual, but also sometime maybe a little bit more complicated ;)

Last Change  22.Dez.2015