Read First

Program new firmware into your device

Any update / program of a firmware into the device  you'll do at your own risk.

So if your device works well for you, there's normally no reason to make an update.

The computer Bootloader Application and the Bootloader in the device are well tested by thousands  of users all over the world in different applications.
But nevertheless there's always - special caused by faulty user operations - a possibility to damage the firmware of the device.

In 99 % of the error cases the bootloader will be still alive and the only thing to do is then to try it again.
Maybe try also on a different computer, if on the first the usb drivers of the  tool did not work properly.

If something is going wrong with the firmare update this is no case of warranty.

First read all instructions carefully

Please first read carefully all instruciton and follow them exactly!
Don't do anything that is not explained in the documentation.

Virus Check all downloaded files

Though all files are tested before, you know the internet is not a safe place, so please virus check all files when you've downloaded them onto your computer.
Any use of the downloaded files is at your own risk.

If you have any question ...

If you have any question please contact  

Last Change  09. May  2011