Sync Akai MPC


Fortunately you can sync Akai MPC both as master and slave.

For details about synchronisation please also read carefully corresponding chapters of the MPC Manual.

Synchronizing via Midi 

DarkTime  can sync/can be synchronized to Live  only with  MidiRealtime events , means MidiClock.

DarkTime as Master , MPC  as Slave

Configuration when used as MASTER (so the MPC is Slaved. Tempo of the MPC is dependant to the DT).

MPC can receive  Midi Realtime Messages (Midi Start,Stop,Cont & Midi Clock) from DarkTime.

DarkTime as Slave =  MPC as Master

Confuguration when used as SLAVE with MIDI Clock (so the MPC is the Master. Tempo of the DT is dependant to the MPC).
MPC can send Midi Realtime Messages (Midi Start,Stop,Cont & Midi Clock) to DarkTime. 

Last Change  12.Dez.2011