Sync Propellerhead Reason


All this statement are made and verified with Windows Reason 6.

But we can assume that it also should work with most versions before. - Maybe some name conventions / dialog names are slightly different  ...

You can sync Propellerheads Reason only as slave with MidiRealtime/Clock.

For details about synchronisation please also read carefully Chapter 'Synchronisation and advanced MIDI'  of the Reason  Manual.

Sub-Chapter - ' Synchronisation to MIDI Clock '   for  Synchronizing via Midi   (1)

Sub-Chapter   'Slaving Reason to an external MIDI application or instrument'  for  Synchronizing Reason to  External Midi Devices  (3)

Synchronizing via Midi  (1)

DarkTime  can sync to Reason only with MidiRealtime events , means MidiClock.

DarkTime as Master = (3)  Synchronizing Reason to External Midi Devices

Reason can receive  Midi Realtime Messages (Midi Start,Stop,Cont & Midi Clock) from DarkTime.

So Connect DarkTime to Reason  ( see DarkTime as Master )

Set DarkTimes Sync switch  to  "Internal"  ( see  DarkTime as Master  )

If you then start DarkTime, Reason will start playing in sync with the DarkTime.

DarkTime as Slave =  (2) Synchronizing External Midi Device to Cubase

This is not possible , because Reason cannot be the master for an external device f.e. DarkTime with Midi clock.

Last Change 15.March.2012