Sync Roland TR606/808  & Korg KR-55


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Laurent BOUDIC, Electronic composer since the early 80's" with his website :

Thanks  for help - Laurent !

Synchronizing via Midi 

Not possible, except you've midified the  TR-606/808 KR-55 with a mid-to-sync interface.

DarkTime as Slave =  TR,KR as Master

Tutorial :

How to synchronise your DT with analogue Drum machines such as Roland TR808, 606 or even the Korg KR-55 (Yes, it runs with old Korg stuffs too!)?

Here is a full tutorial :

1) On the 808/606, you have to connect a jack into one of the trigger outs of your drumbox to the DT Clck IN socket.
On the 808, you might use the Accent (AC), Cowbell (CB) or Clap (CP) & on the 606 the Low tom (LT) or High Tom (HT) sounds as Trigger outputs. On the Korg KR-55, you can only use the Trigger Ouput jack on the rear.

2) Switch the DT Sync to the "External" mode and click on the Start/Stop button.
Now it just waiting for a trigger signal to start the sequence. The tempo is now slaved to the drum machine.

3) With your 808/606, select a pattern, scale and write a beat with the number of steps you want.

4) Now choose the sound that you want to use as trigger (AC/CB or CP on the 808 or LT/HT on the 606) and depress any steps you want to trigger on the DT.
I said "any steps" since it's the step depressed on the 808 that will determine wich one will be triggered on your DT sequence, letting you the
option to leave a rest anywhere you want on your Pattern, wich is very usefull & creative.

Let's go further...

You did a 16 steps sequence pattern on the DT and a pattern of 16 steps on your 808 with the Accent as trigger out.
If you depress the 16 steps of the Accent then the Step 1 of the 808 will trigger the first step of the row 1 of the DT, the Step 2 the second step of the row 1, the step 3 the 3rd of the row 1 etc.. but if step 2 of the 808 is off then the 2nd step of your DT will not being triggered before Step 3 of the 808.
You've added a rest on Step 2.

Voilą, that's it. 

For the Korg KR-55, you don't have this option to interract on the trigger but it works too!

When you Start the Pattern, the sequence of the DT is just synchronised in time regarding the "Trigger select" switch on the back (let you choose the Pulse).

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