Update DarkTime under Mac OS X

Download 3 files

1)  Download the  update/flash application   BootDown 1.5.1  Image    (*)

2)  Download  PDF file with instructions for Update DarkTime  under Mac OS X (+)

If  your device seems to work faulty after the update/upgrade procedure , please contact  software@doepfer.de   before you send it to your dealer for support!

In newer devices (end of 2012)  the jumpers described to be remove for the update where replaced by a little 'reset like' button(*)  - you just see it when you're looking from backside between the 'CE' /trash can symbol and the MidiIn jack - found ?!

(Unfortunately some device where produced with the hole in the backsite, but not equipped with the button, because of  delivery difficulties. Here all is as described in the pdf file for the older versions - open device , remove jumper and so on ... - sorry it's not possible to upgrade the button, if it isn't equipped !)

O.K., if you're lucky and you'll find the button this also means - you didn't have to open the case any more and also no changing of any jumper position for the update and afterwards rejumpering to the old position is necessary ...

Attention - The button is only scanned a very short moment - when you power on the device - if you miss this - the button has no function from now on ... You have to try it again !

O.K. - what you have to do is this:

Press the button carefully with a f.e. pen or something that fits into the whole and hold it pressed - then plug in the power connector.

You'll see the difference at once.

The Darktime didn't work it's normal start routine - nor it will work as used .. no switch has any function - normally also the leds will be off or light random ...

After the short moment when you plug in the power supply you now can release the button .... you're now constantly in the update mode - only way to leave this is now to power off and on the machine without pressing the button.... ;-)

O.K. now you can connect the USB and from now on the procedure is as described in the PDF file .... make you update - power off - power on - then you'll have the chosen firmware on the DarkTime ...

It's now as easy as it sounds ;-)

Hope that all is clear - if not please ask !

(*) This is only a tiny little 'hidden' button inside the device that you only can press trough a little hole at the backside of the case with a f.e. ballpoint pen or a pointed thing like a little screw driver. It's not a big switch like f.e the switches/buttons on the frontpanel!

3) Go to Firmware versions to download the firmware hex file  (+)

(*)  You only need to download  and install  1)  once.
The drivers/programs will be installed on the system and remain there for all other updates.   

(+) For all futre updates you then only need to download the file from 3)  and maybe from time to time 4) if the PDF file is updated


1)  Copyright by Craig Schimmel - BootDown is a bootloader utility for OS X that allows firmware updates on Mac

2) PDF instruction file

You need the Acrobat reader

Last Change  14.March.2014