Universal AD/DA module
Vorankündigung / preliminary

Prototype NAMM/Musikmesse 2007

The picture shows the first prototype of the universal AD/DA module. In principle this module is nothing but a clocked AD/processor/memory/DA chain. AD means Analog-to-Digital converter, i.e. the analog voltage (audio or control voltage) is converted into a digital format with 12 bit resolution. The digital signal is processed or delayed by a microcontroller with a large memory and then converted back into the analog voltage by an Digital-to-Analog converter. The prototype has two AD inputs (with attenuator), two clock inputs, 2 pairs of LEDs, and two DA outputs. The mode is selected by means of 8 buttons and a LC display.

Examples for processing without delay memory: bit crusher, bit exchanger, audio and CV waveshaper, Hz/V-to-V/Oct converter and vice versa, and many more. In principle everything that can be realized by calculating the AD output using certain rules and then converting the result into a voltage by the DA converter.

Examples for processing with delay memory: clocked audio/CV delay with adjustable memory length between 128 (e.g. for flanger or Karplus/Strong) up to one million (for long audio delays many seconds or even minutes), digital sequencer (i.e. recording/storing/plaing back a CV).

The clock input is used to trigger the AD/DA conversion. For audio signal processing the clock has to be in the audio range or beyond (e.g. from a VCO or high speed VCO). For CV processing the clock can be slower (e.g. rectangle output of an LFO).

The final module(s) will probably look different. The prototype is used as a kind of development tool to find out which function are useful. As soon as we made our first experiences and have found out what is possible we will probably start a poll in the A-100 Yahoo group how many different modules with which kind of controls should be released after all. The prototypes are shown at the NAMM booth of Analogue Haven in January 2007 and at the Musikmesse Frankfurt in March 2007.

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