A-132-2 Quad VCA I
nicht mehr lieferbar / no longer available
recommended replacement: A-135-2

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Module A-132-2 contains four linear VCAs with a common level control section for all four VCAs. The module can be used for all applications of simultaneous amplitude/level control of four different audio or CV signals. The module has a manual level control Amp. and two control voltage inputs CV1 and CV2 available. CV2 is equipped with a polarizer to adjust the effect and polarity of the external control voltage.

The A-132-2 is equipped with an internal connector that can be used to normalize the four input sockets to other modules. So far only the quadrature LFO/VCO A-143-9 is equipped with a suitable matching connector. To connect the A-132-2 and the A-143-9 no soldering is required. A short 10 pin ribbon cable with removable connectors on both ends is used. For the normalling to other modules (e.g. Quad AD/LFO A-143-1, Quad ADSR A-143-2, Quad LFO A-143-3 or other modules with several outputs like VCOs or multimode VCFs) the second side of the ribbon cable has to be wired manually to the outputs of the module in question.

The maximum manual amplification for each channel is about 1.5 (i.e. "Amp." control fully CW). With an external control voltage applied to CV2 the maximum amplification goes beyond 1.5 until the signal starts to clip. The maximum output level is about 20Vpp (i.e. the signal clips at about +10V and -10V). 

Typical applications:

  • Simultaneous level control of up to four modulation sources (e.g. ADSRs, LFOs)

  • Simultaneous level control of up to four audio sources (e.g. VCO outputs, multimode VCF outputs, multi-channel audio signals)

  • Simultaneous FM effects with different audio signals (with CV1 or CV2 in audio range)

Replacement: Quad VCA/VC Mixer A-135-2

Breite/Width: 8TE / 8HP / 40.3 mm
Tiefe/Depth: 50 mm (gemessen ab der Rückseite der Frontplatte / measured from the rear side of the front panel)
+30mA (+12V) / -20mA (-12V)

Preis/Price: Euro 75.00
nicht mehr lieferbar / no longer available
The price in US$ depends upon the exchange rate between Euro and US$ at the payment day.