MIDI Fader Box and Analog/Pattern Sequencer with 24 Faders
Regelwerk is equipped with 24 high quality ALPS Faders


SCHALTWERK high resolution

Price: Euro 659.00 incl. 230V power supply (i.e. about US$ 650.00)
Extra charge
BLUE SERIES (blue LEDs): Euro 40.00 (i.e. about US$ 40.00)

REGELWERK is a professional tool to generate any MIDI data by means of 24 faders with 48 related buttons and LEDs (2 buttons and 2 LEDs for each fader). But REGELWERK is much more than a so-called "MIDI fader box" though it as well carries out what you would expect from such a unit. On top of that REGELWERK is able to work as an 8-track analog and pattern sequencer and it is possible to combine the features of the fader box and the sequencer at the same time (e.g. 8 faders with fader box features and 16 faders for generating a sequence).
The fader box features include standard functions like assignment of any MIDI data type to the faders and buttons (e.g. any controller, after-touch, note-on/off, velocity, program-change, Sys-Ex) as well as functions like Solo, Mute, Master, Total Recall, Overdup, HookOn. For example you may program the unit as a real-time editor for any other MIDI equipment by assigning the required MIDI events to the faders and buttons.
In addition REGELWERK is suitable to generate pattern-based musical structures like rhythmic trigger patterns, analog sequences and other rhythmic structures. The immediate access to important controlling parameters lead to completely new rhythmic and sequencing applications especially for improvisations and live events.

Here some important features in catchwords for the "Fader-Box" Mode

List of compatible devices and programs

Here some features in catchwords for the "Sequencer" Mode:

General features:

If you want to inform you much better, than please look on the english manual.

Actual Hints/Notes :

Also you could update your device if you download the actual software version and if you could burn a new EPROM 27C512 by yourself.

And the winner is . . . . .

The readers of the German magazine KEYS lifted the REGELWERK to positon 1 as the product of the year 2001 in the category MIDI Controller. Thank you very much !

We are very proud of this award as it is the reader's choice. Of course we will continue to develop new devices in this category. Look at our brand new MIDI Controllers  POCKET FADER and POCKET DIAL.