DarkTime  FAQ

Most things on this page is outdated/obsolete with the current firmware V1.2.

So this is only for historical reasons / informations.

Seems that one Row didn't work any more /as it should 

1) Set the DarkTime to the 'basic setting' described in the manual chapter 2.  Function overview , approx. page 8  ( there also should be a picture)

If you use a device/expandern/plug in connected by midi with the Darktime

2) Have a look, if both rows are set on the same midichannel as the destination device  ( see manual  3.2.1 Midi-Interface - Selecting the midi channels)

!!! V1.2 has a different user interface to select the midi channels - for this please read the  additional informations for V1.2

3) Try also to use the CV1/Gate1  and CV2/Gate  Interface - if you have any analog gear . If this works the DarkTime has no malfunction

4) Please send us an email with a detailed description of your problem - in nearly all cases we can help you without need to send back the device to your distributor/dealer.

User Interface

Unable to adjust midichannels  ( that's no bug)

Sequencer stops, when changing link mode or direction (fixed in V1.0)

Synchronising DarkTime

No Midiclock, when in external sync mode and clocked from 'Clk In' 

No function of Clock/Divide and Pulsewidth/Shuffle in external sync mode (that's no bug)

No midi realtime (start,stop, cont, clock) events on USB Midi out  ( fixed in V1.0 )

Parameter 'Divide' also available in Sync-Midi/USB mode  (that's no bug)

Flaws, Bugs, Problems

Clk-Out in Midi/USB mode did not work correctly with all devices
 (fixed in V1.0)

Stepping in 1-16 mode did not work 100% as it should
  (fixed in V1.0)

Loosing the syncronisation  (fixed in V1.0)

1-16 Mode has not the same functionality as 2x(1-8) Mode   (that's no bug)

Is there an easy way for a customer to determine the firmware revision ?  (will be fixed in V1.2)

Sorry, in the current firmware (also V1.1) is no possibility to identify the current version.
This will be implemented in V1.2

Which CV-Out will be used in 1-16 mode

Reading the Dark Time manual i see that i can created 16-steps sequences but i have also see that on the rear i have two  different CV outs for step 1-8 and step 9-16.
So using CV, did  I need a CV mix to transfer a full 16-step sequence to a synth, otherwise i have "just" two parallel 8-steps sequencers

No, In 1-16 mode the CV is transfered automatical only to CV 1 even if you are in the region ( row 2 ) of CV2 . 
So the DT made a CV mix by software ( you didn't need a mixer in hardware).
CV2 is not used ( at the moment) in 1-16 mode.


Do not power the DarkTime only over USB!!

Can I  use the DarkTime  only USB powered (no external power adaptor) .

User manual says :
"Powering Dark Time via USB is not possible since the internal analog circuitry of Dark Time runs at +/-12V."

But it seems that the DarkTime works in this mode.

You shouldn't do that, because then the whole current provided by the USB master runs internal thru  the micro controller.

This is a good chance to damage the USB port/micro controller of DarkTime sometime.

Beside, so nothing of the analog In/Out interface will work correctly, because you need a +/- power supply - which isn't on a USB port

Last Change 22.Dez. 2015