I would like to suggest a mac editor for the XXXXXX-device.
I bought mine but I can´ use the editor programm because I have only a Mac and not a windows PC.
The trick of using Virtual Pc doesn´t work since my midi interface is not windows compatible.


We have available the OEM versions of Emagic's Sounddiver - an universal editor program for both PC and Mac. OEM version means that the program runs only with Doepfer devices and is not the full version of the Sounddiver. The Sounddiver is available for the following Doepfer devices:

Sorry - but free download from our web site is not possible because of the licence fees we have to pay. The OEM version of Sounddiver is available only on CD with both versions PC and Mac.

Besides mac user have the choice to run the free editors (PC versions) with an "emulator" on mac. Therefore please ask your mac dealer or any experienced mac user. Some of our customers reported us that our editors run properly within an emulator - but we are not able to guarantee for that since the editors are not developed on mac nor tested on mac.

Mac users can interchange experience, tips and tricks on using emulators in the doepfer forum at if it is about using them together with Doepfer products. Messages from experienced mac users therefore are welcome anytime.

The free editors of the Pocket Series (Pocket Dial/Control/Fader) and REGELWERK are  tested successfully by several users under VirtualPC.

One user described a successful configuration: Virtual PC 3.0 (or 3.0.3) Windows 98 on G4-Mac (OS 9.0.4) in combination with f.e. Roland S-MPU 64 USB-Midi-Interface. His only problem was first, that Windows recognized the USB-interface but didn't allow to install the driver. But after a new installation of Windows it was then no problem to  recognize and install the driver program.

So far we have no experience if the A-112 program runs under PC emulation on a Mac. If you successful use this program with a Mac and if it is possible to play standard midi files (format 1) with the mac midi interface please give us a short note (to